Moswesint Swingers Club

Contrary to popular misconception, the 'play' lifestyle isn't about having sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Choosing to explore this lifestyle can be very nerve-racking and extremely exciting all at the same time. Please feel free to contact or our Moswesint Staff Members (Partner) personally if you have any questions because your primary relationship should be the most important factor when you are considering this lifestyle.

We recommend that adults who are in a relationship need to understand why each partner is there and what their fantasies are! It is extremely important that you have you guidelines and rules as a couple set WELL BEFORE you decide to attend a party.
Good communication is crucial in the 'play lifestyle'. The key is to stay true to your primary relationship and  treat each other with sensitivity and total respect at all times. Never assume you know what your partner is thinking.

The party should be approached in the same way as a social gathering which consists of meeting people, initiating conversation having a few drinks and enjoying yourself. The social traits that can be expected in the play scene are respect, friendliness, flirtatiousness and open-mindedness.

Please come and enjoy the wonderful opportunity to openly flirt and be flirted with in a non-threatening, sexually charged atmosphere, which is fun enough for some.
 I can assure you that at Moswesint, it's not just about what happens in the bedroom. It is just as much about conversation, atmosphere, enjoyment, good laughs with good company over a drink for a great night out.